To take a picture is to line up eye, brain and heart.
Henry Cartier-Bresson

What's important is to see things that are invisible to other people.
Robert Frank

Photography cannot change reality but it can show it.
Fred Mc Cullin

I'm not interested in photography but in life.
Henry Cartier-Bresson

Contrary to what is usually said I believe that photography is much more like literature than painting.
Francesc Català Roca

You are really a photographer when you have overcome your preocupations about learnig and in your hands the camera becomes an extension of you. Then, creativity may start.
Carl Mydans

Looking  at or taking a picture of a beautiful landscape is like listening to music or reading poetry, it helps you to live.
Marc Riboud

"Give me a foreground and I will photograph the world."

A good photograph is rarely a matter of chance.
Alejandro Pradera

I have always believed that if photography was harder to do, its quality would improve immensely. The very ease with which a photo can be taken results  frequently in a disastrous creative emptiness.
Ansel Adams

Go often to the cinema, see lots of art, read many books of poetry and then, in two hours, I will teach you to take pictures.
Paco Vera

Essence can only be seen with the heart; to the eye it is invisible.
A. de Saint Exupery

The most difficult act is that wich we consider to be the simplest: to see with a clear gaze whatever is in front of us.

If your pictures are no good you didn't get close enough
Robert Capa

To become a good photographer, first you need to love your fellow man
Gisèle Freund

If you wait people would forget your camera and the soul would drift up into view
Steve McCurry

You do not take a photography, you make it.
Ansel Adams